Delivery Methodology

A Different Approach

Overcoming challenges in IT Industry, requires a different way of thinking about infrastructure and process of adding new capability.

While no institution can afford to rip and replace their entire infrastructure, they can address current shortcomings and lay the foundation for new capability through rational, structured approach with ultimate goal to benefit the students.

Analyze your Position

a. Identify where you are .

b. Indentify your destination.

c. Map out your future plan .

d. Identify appropriate high-input projects.


a. Student Can update the Technology Change.

Idealogy of SMARTEntry

SmartEntry guides you to identify the right path in IT

SmartEntry gives hands on training.

SmartEntry provides group discussion to improve your personality skill.

SmartEntry practises you in model interview and how to face it.

SmartEntry provides the opportunity in REAL WORLD with Hot Jobs.


Delivery Methodology
A   Enter into SmartEntry with Multiple Hopes

B   Right Counselling

C   Student Undergoing online Class Session

D   Industry Realtime Lab

E   Group Discussion to Improve Personality

F   Model Interview

G   Realtime Interview

H   Your Dream Comes true with Appointment     Order

I    He is SmartEian