Why should I go for Training?

Student’s thought

1. I can find whatever I need to know on google

If one encounters new subject in one’s work, or to learn a concept as a fresher, one’s first reaction is to look it up online , rather than view it as possible avenue for training. But the solutions may be work with the world wide web instead of seeing it as adversary.

SmartEntry Students states after leaning and experienced through the real time training through real time faculty only give gives the right direction to learn more concepts through WWW.

So that I should go for training.

2. ‘ Why ? ‘ MINDSET

Learning does fill the GAP, but these gaps are ever evolving and inevitable

People don’t seem to look at training as an opportunity to enrich themselves

SmartEntry Students asserts that fills the GAP through learning and makes us to feel “ Confident with technology filled the lack of GAP so far we crossed in life”

3. I won’t learn anything new

The main reason for this is that most students simply avoid learning habit and convinced themselves that there won’t be any value addition.

SmartEntry student feel like learning new concepts and clearing doubts with us. We create that with our students.